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Hi! First of all, I am so glad you are here! My blog is basically an expressive outlet for me and a display board for my artwork. I always describe myself as a "closet artist", because I still haven't come out and invested all of myself- heart and soul- to my art. I have a busy life raising children working full time and juggling everything in between. I work full time as a public school crisis counselor and am also a licensed professional counselor. My job can be very emotionally draining at times and art is a very important part of my self care routine. 
I'm married to a wonderfully loving and supportive man and we share a home in Northeast Texas. We have five children and three of them are already over 18 years of age. One of the most remarkable things about my Sweetie is that my four oldest children are his step children. But he has loved and raised them as his own! What a blessed life we have all had! 

Now- I've come to a stage in my life where I actually have time for myself! I can actually do things that I like to do. I know it sounds insignificant, but it's a luxury I haven't seen since my first child was born. It's like I'm getting to know myself again. It's a journey of self discovery for me!
So, my dream is to make art my full time job. I would love to get a house and set it up as an art studio with multiple work rooms. (Hence the name' "The Artist's House") I would have a couple of partners that would have their own work spaces to do their work. The other services offered would be like, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, energy healing, etc. I would love this place to be accessible to people of all walks of life, no matter how much money they have or don't have. I have this idea of having a free art class open to the homeless in our community once a month and an art therapy visit once a month to local nursing homes. My head is full of all this ideas and creations!! I hope that one day they will be realized. Until then, I enjoy spending some time dabbling with my craft and sharing them here on my blog. I hope you enjoy your visit!

I also enjoy visiting other artist's blogs- so inspirational!! And I hope to start doing more sharing on my site and start providing helpful information to my readers via tutorials, artist interviews and linky parties! The fun has yet to begin!! So stay tuned!!


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