November 21, 2010

Following my heart!

I can resist no longer! Although I have a full time J. O. B., my heart lies in creativity and I have been compelled by my desire to create art in my own sacred space! I have started plans on my own in-home studio! I have to share this wonderful book that I have been reading- "The Artistic Mother", by Shona. So Inspiring!
I have been putting together art pieces by fellow artists that inspire me! I have also been assembling my moat favorite of collections and trinkets that reflect me. Bel.
Join me on this most awesome of journeys! I have begun working on my studio mission statement, but it is still a work in progress. I want it to be original and meaningful to my goals and dreams. Wish me luck!
P. S, Here is a chair I found at a garage sale this weekend! It cried out to me! I knew it belonged in the studio!!

Check out some inspiration photos of other artists' studios. Courtesy of Flickr!

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