February 13, 2011

my poem

I wrote a poem today. The inspiration to write happened when I was asked about my favorite childhood memory.
As a child, I was always lost in my own world inside my head - a dreamer. (pretty much how I am now!) My shyness as a child made it hard for me to have friends. So, I enjoyed my time alone when I could just be myself.  My most favorite place to go was a big wooded area behind my childhood home. There were lots of trees and a small creek bed. It was like a magical place where I could wander and explore. I studied every tree, all the plants and small creatures that I would encountered. It was a special time for me to connect with nature.
Let me know what you think of my poem! But don't be too critical. :)

my soul is ancient
my life eternal
i lie on the cushioned grass
looking up to the sky
through the branches of the trees
the trees know me
have known me through all eternity
the breeze comes to me and caresses my cheeks
i take a deep breathe and draw all of nature into the depths of my soul
i release my breathe
the cosmos and i are one
looking up through the rustling branches and leaves
i am aware of the soft rays of light filtering through the trees
they warm my soul
every so often a beam of light flashes and twinkles like a diamond
it is speaking to me
i know you
i have always known you
you are a part of me and i am a part of you
my soul is ancient
my life eternal
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