April 21, 2011

April is Poetry Month! Here are some of my own creations...

written 11/10
“Loving you”

Eternal Sweetness
An embrace- A caress
Time and space stand still

written 2/6/84
It seems I’m living each day one at a time
Trying to accept the fact that you’ll never be mine
You showed me a tenderness I’ve never known before
It seems that as each day goes by, it’s you I’m living for
You and I were meant to share a love; I know this in my heart
You bring so much sunshine into my life and I’m miserable when we’re apart
You’ve become my life, in my future; you’re all that I see

At this moment, there can only be you for me
At times I feel I can read your mind and I know that you care
But to take away your gentle smile and your caring ways, would be more than I could bear
Of one thing I am certain- that is that I love you
Please listen to your heart and admit you love me too.

"Take my hand”written summer of 1984

Can I ever begin to understand?
The feelings you’ve awakened in me
Can I ever forget your smile-?
The touch of your hand-
The warmth of your embrace
Will I ever be free?
Now that I’ve known the feel of you, can I bear to live without you?
There is no one else in my heart,
Can there ever be another love as true?
I long to be no where else, but in your company
You bring me joy and happiness
When can we discover intimacy?
I breathe every breath for the next moment you hold me in your embrace.
When I close my eyes
It’s only to feel your love and see your smiling face
My heart and soul belong to you and I want to give you everything

For in my heart of hearts- loving you, to me, is living.


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